Forge Mill Farm and Nature Reserve

We just got back from Forge Mill Farm, which wasn’t very exciting, it had some cows and milking parlours. However, next to it is a beautiful and well used RSPB Nature Reserve. And unlike many spots in Sandwell it didn’t feel too hemmed in by industry, housing or general hubbub. The pylons were even pretty minimal, with only a few scraps of litter. Someone’s obviously doing a good job of looking after it. I think it helps that I’m reading Watership Down at the moment, so everything might have felt extra specially lush, green and pretty. It’s also a boiling hot, ‘not a cloud in the sky’ kind of day. It didn’t feel very much like the usual West Brom, in a good way, we could have been right in the middle of the countryside.??

Joseph wasn’t much up for walking, which was lucky because it was around 2km in the buggy in the end – we’d have been weeks if he’d felt the need to walk all of that. Think he appreciated the break he got when we went into the hide though, excitingly suspended over the water, and containing 4 RSPB people who were nice and chatty and able to tell us what was going on with the waterside birds around us. They even gave me advice on the bird in our back yard, the bird of prey I’ve been obsessing about i.e. how to identify from the flying if it’s a sparrowhawk or not. There were the usual Canada geese, moorhens, etc but also ruddy ducks, oyster catchers, peewits, herons and others I forget the name of. Actually I should have got a better photo of the hide, it was very cool, in both senses.??

Well worth a visit, I’ll definitely be keeping it on my ‘things to do in Sandwell when you’re dad’ Google map…??
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