Pavement All Tomorrow’s Parties 2010

I got back from All Tomorrow's Parties yesterday, 3 days of music, good times and chalet living in Minehead. Let's try and bullet point some of the high points:

  • Pavement as curators, a bit meh. Their choice of bands was okay but didn't leave too many heartache decisions over what to see / miss. However, as a live act, they are, as ever, amazing. I was a bit con cerned the years gone by, and fact they'd been off to do various other projects might mean they'd come back with a bit of a 'dissolved' sound, but it was as fresh as I remember it as a teenager.??
  • Managed to avoid too much junk food from the outlets, which was good. Still ended up feeling pretty rough by the end of it.??
  • No pots and pans processions waking us up round the chalets at 3 in the morning. Yay.??
  • Mark Eitzel??was really good. All I knew was his past as American Music Club, and maybe a couple of the more recent tracks, but his lounge / Tom Waits / crooner act worked very well. Was enjoyed with a slush puppy, seated at the back of the venue. In fact the whole act and banter was perfectly suited to the Butlins venue.??
  • Calexico, a nice surprise. I didn't think I'd like them that much. Just a shame not more of them were from California or Mexico – they mainly hail from Arizona and Berlin. Horns, lap steel, vocals in English and Spanish – reminded me a bit of Tindersticks…
  • Pierced Arrows, not very good.??
  • Managed to somehow use Twitter to establish from ATP that we could get our tv working if we asked Butlins to send someone over, which we did. We were then provided with the holy grail, a remote of our very own to use ??to change channels, volume, and more importantly, the AV channel for our Xbox. I'm still not sure why they program TV channels as part of the festival, to be watched on chalet televisions, which then don't have remotes supplied so they're unusable.??
  • As ever, the programme of bands / events was pretty unusable, not taking into account that most people need this quickly, easily, legibly and all of this needs to be viewable in the dark. Actually the small card with the bands day by day were better, dark text on white backing, but the descriptions of the bands was on one side of a rubbish poster, which, let's face it, no one would be putting up. We're not 13.??
  • Terry Reid??was apparently once asked to be the singer for Led Zeppelin. Reminded me a bit of Rod Stewart, but was pretty good. He was joined by Matt Sweeney on guitar, worked quite nicely as a duo.??
  • Broken Social Scene. Okay we saw only the end of their last song but it was still a bit uninspiring.??
  • This year I walked all the way out to the sea. Took about half an hour but was worth it for the sense of achievement.??

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