Sandals and headphones


Today I got my son to wear headphones for the first time, after 2 days trying. It was kind of like taming a bull – he kept rejecting them but in the end, after me wearing them and looking like I was having lots of fun, he went for it.

They’re actually pretty neat, cans that have a slot for an old ‘chewing gum packet’ style iPod Shuffle, so it slots in and the whole thing is contained. I put soem Django Reinhardt, some Art Blakey, Amadou and Mariam, nice gentle dancey stuff – some bluegrass too I think. Stanley Brothers, that kind of thing.

My goal is to get him happy wearing them for extended periods of time so that they’ll be useful on our long trip to France by train over the summer. He’d be able to listen to music and story tapes with them but you can also plug in a normal 5 mm jack, so we could play DVDs for him with the phones on without bothering other passengers.

This is also his first time in sandals. Looks pretty happy, no?

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