Amazing screen scan technology…

… I wish.

We were recently looking at the spec of some laptops at work and found an amazing feature built into Dell’s Latitude Z laptops

Looking at some of ??the product photos we saw this about the easy scan technology:

‘Easy Scan and Copy:??Dell Capture technology lets you conveniently scan and save business cards to Outlook Contacts and copy documents to PDF, so no matter where work may take you, you can save time, minimize clutter and preserve key documents for later use.’


It was the photo that did it for us – all you do is lay the paper on the screen and it’s scanned straight to the machine. Only, it isn’t. After some googling and watching of Youtube demos, it’s actually just photographed using the built in webcam. Which is nice, but not amazing. It just goes to show you how misleading the angle and composition of a photo can be.

It got me thinking about how you could build a scanner / laptop display into the same hardware. I think the only way would be if each pixel was light sensitive – so if the paper covers the pixel and has black ink on the paper blocking the light, that recognises as black, and if it lets light through the white paper, it’s recognised as white. Anyone like to develop that technology for me now?

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