Church fire opposite my house!

Apparently the Black Country got it’s name from all the smog, smoke and soot in the air – today some of that was recreated opposite our house.

Today we noticed, oddly, that someone was painting the ruined, half demolished church opposite our house in Wednesbury in the Black Country. We assumed someone like the council had advised them they should tidy up the site, as it’s a unused and a bit grubby. I took a photo and thought that’s weird, I may blog about  that later.

This is what it looked like a few years ago, how they weirdly sliced the top off which was odd in itself.

And with today’s painting…



Then tonight, I smelled burning, we looked outside and saw this! Flames a leaping, smoke a billowing, very exciting. Must be about 10 fire engines and many firemen, paramedics, etc outside. The smoke was  rolling across the road, all over the place, we had to shut the vents on our windows to stop it coming in the house. 

That last photo is a later pic of them using the ‘snorkel’ to put the fire out through the hole in the top of the building. They eventually caved in the door with an axe, cleared up and left – after all the effort putting it out it didn’t seem particularly safe leaving the front door open for anyone to walk in and get trapped under caving beams, but I’m assuming it will get assessed and eventually demolished now.  

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