Pork Scratching Packaging Hijack

Southern Recipe 2.5oz Plain Washpots by Rudolph Foods



Pepe's Picante Chicharrones by Rudolph Foods

From Rudolph Foods [x]

via Pork Scratching Packaging Flickr Group

A while ago I started a group on Flickr to honour the varieties of packaging we see when we buy pork scratching. The classic brands like Mr Porky (made where I live, Wednesbury), the butcher’s cling film bag, the market stall display, etc.

Then today I realised that shock of shocks, the group had been hijacked by an american company called Rudolph Foods who seem to make an unnecessarily large range of pork scratching (or ‘rind’, pah) products. I might just let them keep the photos up there if they promise to send me one pack of every product shown in the group…

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