Modern Warfare 2 – Freedom of Information?


When I started playing Modern Warfare 2 online, I realised there were a wealth of stats related to a user. They're all attached to an account and display in the Barracks section of the interface. Some are used by the game and displayed (total headshots, total kills, kill/death ratio) , others I'm sure could be worked out if the data was available (kills per game, class changes per game, etc).??

It got me wondering two things.??

Is player information available under the Freedom of Information Act?
After all, this is 'my' data, or is it? Is it owned by me or Xbox Live or the developers Infinity Ward? Do they hold the data, and if they do, do they have plans to do anything interesting with it?

Extending this a bit further, I'd thought about some interesting data visualisations that could come out pof the data, maybe even potential for an online app of some kind to do this.??

What happens if I kill 24 people and don't get killed at all in a game?
Don't mean to brag, but this happened the other day. If we think about the maths though, it's confusing.??

If I kill 10 people and die twice, that is a ratio of 10:2, or as a fraction, 5.
If I kill 24 people and die once, it's a ratio of 24:1, as a fraction, 24.
If I kill 24 and don't die that's a ratio of 24:0, as a fraction… oh.??

What happens here???
24 divided by 0 is… not sure.??

Basically each game's kill/death ratio in a game affects the user's overall kill death ratio but I have no idea what the game does in this instance. Did the developers take this into account? Anyone know???
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2 Responses to Modern Warfare 2 – Freedom of Information?

  1. Luke L says:

    Typically game EULAs, or Xbox Live’s in general, include retaining ownership of all data. And would a FOI request work across seas? If this kind of data could be accessed it would be great, just look at what Bungie give you for their Halo games.As for the K/D ratios that’s easy. It automatically jumps to 1. A bit unfair but it’s been that way for as long as games have shown it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to see that in the new Black Ops game, there are loads of stats you can view, in various ways – graphs, tables, etc. Lovely stuff.

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