Sent from an iPad

I tried a little experiment last week. I added ‘Sent from an iPad’ as the signature on my Gmail account, in the spirit from all those emails we get from iPhone users with ‘Sent from an iPhone’ at the bottom. I wanted to see if anyone would notice, cotton on, or freak out. 

One person saw it and laughed, know it was a joke, well done Alex.
Two people, however, did freak out. Well, kind of. Replies I got from recent emails were:


Hey, how come this was sent from an ipad ? You bought one ? 


First of all..

“sent from an iPad!” you jammy fo!
Is it awesome?

I won’t embarrass those people by naming them. I was actually quite flattered that they thought I might have been on some kind of beta / review / Apple developers list to get one before release in the UK…
Sent from an iPad


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