Birmingham all over Hustle and Survivors

People were making quite a big thing of Birmingham and Birmingham City University featuring in the new series of Survivors, but much more impressively, a lot of Hustle seems to have been filmed there too, posing as London. In this and last week’s episode, I’ve spotted:

  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
  • sideroad off Colmore Row leading down to Margaret Street
  • Broad Street
  • Brindleyplace, by Cafe Rouge
  • Ruined / demolished buildings leaving just the facade, by Thinktank, posing as the crash site in this week’s episode.
  • Fazeley St somehow posing as a nursing home
  • Centenary Square

Whoever’s responsible for the sell, well done – I assume it’s Screen West Midlands? It’s just a shame so many people won’t know it’s Birmingham because it’s posing as London.

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2 Responses to Birmingham all over Hustle and Survivors

  1. Adrian Hulme says:

    Hi. Really interested in where Survivors was filmed. Do you know what was filmed in Birmingham City University ? Was it the scenes where the hospital collapses any other scenes too?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The BCU filming was at the Health faculty in Edgbaston, I think they were using some of the simulation rooms they have there. In some episodes a few weeks ago they were filming round the back of Snow Hill, when they were putting those big banners all over the place for Abby to see and find the group again.

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