Tortoise on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

Very weirdly, Tortoise have just been interviewed by Radio 4’s somewhat stuffy, uptight Today programme. It was a little feature at the end of the show, and I’ll see if I can post a link to the ‘Listen Again’ recording once the programme has finished. There was discussion of their upcoming UK gig, and comment from a music lecturer who said Tortoise are on their ‘listening lists’ (I suppose it makes sense for music courses to have listening lists in the same way others have reading lists). There was also some discussion of new songs, so I assume that means there’s a new album on the way? I think I missed the memo.

Odd quote of the interview:

‘We expect them to rush the stage because there’s nothing more boring than a seated audience.’

I can’t help feeling if the audience did rush the stage, the band might be a little put out…

And finally, as a special treat, here’s a unique exclusive recording of new song Minors, recorded by Tortoise for the show.

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2 Responses to Tortoise on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

  1. Peter James Daniel says:

    As usual to try and make some "kicking frontiers down in the artworld headline…"somebody thinks that this Chicago band have "discovered the wheel" when infact the forces of parallel evolution, have cut in as usuall, this sort of experimentation have been going on for years by many bands, famous and not famous, significantly many of the Krautrock era eg Faust amongst many others, (…and including myself…) – keep banging the rocks together guys, and give someone else a break Radio 4. Have these guys never heard of Delia Derbyshire, a genius in sound and music construction. New is Silver, old is Gold…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess the point is that Tortoise are a little more well known. I’d hesitantly say they’ve got a pretty unique sound going on – and that’s not to say we couldn’t track down 5 bands preceding them who sound very similar but Tortoise are in the public sphere right now.

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