Let’s design some better super powers

I watched the first episode of Skins Heroes Misfits last night and was a little disappointed by the superpowers on display. Okay I know it’s supposed to be an action comedy, so it probably needs to play around with how a bunch of ‘asbo’ kids deal with those typical powers we are always seeing. We see:

  • invisible bloke
  • ‘see into the future’ bloke
  • sexually attractive girl (which is an odd one, I admit)
  • telepathic girl
  • (last guy, not sure, he hasn’t developed powers yet)

Haven’t we seen all of that, across Marvel, DC and more recently, Heroes?

So let’s try and design some new powers. I remember reading Power Pack, about four little kids who collectively take on the powers of one alien, each being able to control

  • acceleration
  • gravity
  • density
  • energy

…which was actually pretty fun when you saw how that panned out.

Okay, some new powers. And I’m not necessarily thinking in terms of what powers might be useful, because who says a power should happen like that (Oh dear I realise this is starting to sound very, very nerdy now):

  • ability to turn anything into… paper!
  • power to make other objects invisible, but not yourself
  • ability to remove limbs / body parts and then replace them (not necessarily in the same places – armfoot anyone?)
  • ability to digest vast quantities of info very quickly (a bit like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit)

That’s the best I can do…

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