Fix My Street + Sandwell Council = Happy Taxpayer!

This is one of those little stories about how things can go right with technology, how this web thing can connect up very nicely thank you very much and do what it’s supposed to…

On the 10th November I used Fix My Street to report a little problem. Here’s the link explaining that. You might think, ‘What a pedant’, ‘So what’ and ‘Yeah well nothing will happen.’ But to me, this dropped kerb was obviously a mistake, or an attempt to start removing what bits of cycle lane there are in Sandwell.

So, I made the report, it was logged on the site. I checked a couple of times, probably a bit too quickly.

Then today I got this lovely email.


Dear Mr Turner

I write regarding your recent enquiry regarding the removal of a dropped kerb facilitating the access of cycles across Black Lake to the metro stop.

I have spoken to my colleagues in the Traffic and Road Safety Section and they have informed me that the kerb was altered in error by a contractor that had been instructed to undertake a small area of resurfacing. I have been assured that the kerb will be put back to its original construction as soon as is possible and at the contractors expense. Indeed this work may already have been undertaken since I inspected the site on Friday 20th November.

I trust this satisfies your concerns but should you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me on the number shown below.


Matt Thomas


This, combined with the recent news that the bird-feeding troublemaker of Smethwick would not be fined (I expect, after some pressure from public opinion and news coverage) has left me thinking Sandwell Council are jolly good people.

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