Bioshock 2. The Meh Video.

I’m one of those people that watches a video game trailer and says ‘Meh, that was all cut scenes, where’s the gameplay. Show me what I’ll actually be looking at while I charge through a level.’ Maybe the most classic example of this was the early Killzone 2 videos.

Now with Bioshock 2 coming out, we get this:

And I’m still complaining. Because this is all gameplay and actually leaves me feeling a bit cold about what should probably be quite an exciting event. there’s no tension in that video, it’s all bang bang and explosions. To be honest I can’t even remember if Bioshock 1 contained cut scenes or if that was part of the point, that it was all first person – I get the feeling it was. Still, maybe I’ve been so conditioned by game trailer videos, that’s what I’ve come to expect.

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