Hello Digital 2009

Just got back from Hello Digital 2009 and well, here are some thoughts, bulleted for your reading pleasure:

  • Whoever decided that editor of Wired UK David Rowan shouldn't be upstaged by the Twitterfall projection in the seminar room, good on 'em. I appreciate it's called Hello Digital and people will be tweeting, but I think it was probably detrimental having that displayed. I would guess people probably either felt they couldn't tweet their honest thoughts, or felt they had to play up to it slightly. Interesting seeing how it all panned out on there, but far to easy people were trying to do their presentations at the same time and we were supposed to be listening. Rowan's talk was great, it helped that he had my full attention.
  • Not sure what Rowan was using to show his 'slides' or whether it was a custom built Flash interactive, but it was very nice – kind of like a massive map of information in lovely bite size chunks, with a zoom and inertia style animation when moving between slides. Anyone know anything about this???
  • One comment I noted from Rowan, that in a poll of their magazine readers, 77% of them said the next big brand would come from passionate users. Good news for people like me at User-lab, researching how audiences and users respond to brands.
  • What is Yuosk? I noticed it listed on one of the Channel 4 slides – off to Google this in a second.
  • Apparently, 40% of businesses in the region are not using computers, let alone the internet, or having a web presence. someone made a good point, wouldn't that figure be even higher in the Black Country. I'd be interested to speak to Black Country businesses about this. Do they feel they need It in their lives? Are they busy enough already? Other than bringing them more trade, how else might 'being online' help them? Something to consider.
  • There was a lot of recurring talk about how customers and companies can work together, the strength of online communities.
  • One memorable comment was a reminder that digital doesn't mean social media, although it was hard to swallow given the Twitter lean…
  • Tom Furness' Hit Lab sounds very interesting.
  • The buffet was good.
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5 Responses to Hello Digital 2009

  1. davidoz says:

    Shame I missed today, up to my eyeballs writing my course directors report now that I’m heading up Animation. Please the buffet was good and very pleased to hear other people have the intelligence to voice that digital is not just s&m!

  2. dominiccushnan says:

    Great review! You forgot to mention we are either cinderellas or "dicks" but we are all now in media.

  3. heinsg says:

    thank you for this review!

  4. Anonymous says:

    David Rowan was using Prezi – to good effect indeed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh and I think they mentioned Yoosk – which is a crowdsourcing interview thing http://www.yoosk.com/

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