Replacing a banjo bridge, without the heartache


The bridge on my banjo broke recently and needs replacing. I was assuming this would involve lots of slackening of strings, tightening, fiddliness and general stress and heartache. I love my banjo, I don’t want to hurt it. I could take it to the shop but I suspected it might be something I could do on my own – you know, with no hand-holding or anything.


I tried this thing called Google, and came up with this site and this advice :

  • Don’t loosen the strings, leave them where they are.
  • Take a sharp pencil and mark around the outside feet of your present bridge on the head
  • Now take the new bridge and slip it under the strings in front of the old bridge (in the direction of the neck)
  • Now lower the old bridge and take it off
  • The slide the new bridge to where the pencil marks are or as close as you can.

I do shudder now to think I was about to rip my banjo to pieces rather than do it this much more logical way…

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