Am I developing superpowers? Cycle Commute part 5


Look at this graph of time it takes me to get into work. Every time I do the journey, I get a little quicker at it, as I learn the route, become fitter, and get lighter. There is probably a very complex equation you could use to figure out what my optimum time might be, but for now I appreciated that even though my time is constantly reducing, it would eventually reach a point where I couldn’t physically go any faster, and the points on this graph would actually be better drawn as a down sloping curve, flattening at the right.

Now look at the furthest right spot on the graph; yesterday something very odd happened. I somehow knocked around 13 minutes off my time where I had been previously shaving maybe a minute  off at most. I think it may have been something to do with my trusty Casio wristwatch, but I’m not sure how I could have paused the timer and then restarted it without realising. I wasn’t even trying that hard. Anyway suffice to say I was a little freaked. I’m sure my next few times won’t quite reflect  this speed. On the other hand, if I can do the commute this fast, it’s amazing, I’ll be faster than the tram!

Of course another explanation could be some weird kind of Flashforward / X Files hole in time.

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