Twitter as baby diary / event logger

When I started a Twitter account for my baby son, it was a bit of a joke, a bit of a novelty. I obviously couldn’t get him typing, so I typed myself, logging the kinds of things I thought he’d be thinking or saying.

Then the more I did it, I realised I was only making conscious decisions to post when it was relevant, when there was something to report. Anyone who has watched a baby grow up knows that at certain times, there are those key moments you want to remember – first solid food, first crawling, first smile. I ended up logging them on Twitter by default, and of course it helps they’re date-stamped.

And sometimes I let him type.

I suppose if I was really clever I could mash this up, laying it onto a calendar and integrated with all my Flickr photos…. but then I’m not that clever.

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5 Responses to Twitter as baby diary / event logger

  1. Anonymous says:

    Au contraire, you are *that* clever :)I know a few people who have Twitter accounts for babies (some for unborn babies too) and I didn’t quite get it, but it makes sense now you explain how you use yours.I guess the problematic bit is remembering to post: I struggle with updating more than one Twitter and segmenting my stream of – Joshua isn’t tweeting yet but I did register for him 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the key is to at least register the name quickly! Re: remembering to post. At work, I use Tweetie on my desktop (don’t tweet whilst mobile), which allows for quick switching from one account to the other. Although when using I did sometimes accidentally post a Joseph message from my account and vice versa, quite amusing. Alternatively, you could just use his account an account to @ message. so from your account you’d just do ‘@baby is sleeping nicely now’ and then any time you want to see his activities, just look at all the @ replies on his account. Or just use a hashtag like #babyevent ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    ps – simpler than a mash up: a life stream blog, that pulls in tweets and photos with tag X which denotes a baby photo 🙂

  4. MattHogan says:

    My 2 cents worth: I didn’t quite appreciate it at first either; there are a number of them. I haven’t done anything like it tbh but regret that slightly (its not too late of course). Aside from the fun aspect, I know another useful reason for the twitter/life stream is for if or when you have a second. Unavoidably, for good or bad, you compare development with your own and others. We’re forever saying, "Ella wasn’t doing that til…" or "I’m /sure/ it was x months when she was…" all in comparison to Maisie our 9 month old. But we don’t know really. Just guessing. Also springing to mind, heaven forbid, I can see it being useful for recalling specific events for medical or health reasons. Ella had many ear infections in her first months which led to grommets before she was 1. A time line for that would’ve been useful to get an idea of when she started suffering with them as a baby.In a sense, Facebook has also provided a means for me to create this life stream. Seems more apt for me to post such developments there where there are more friends and family than Twitter. However it’s more ad hoc, less chronological, less structured, less searchable and only within my account. I guess we’re really talking about the convenience of using the database facility that is Twitter. Web (2.0) registration should be added to the list of things to do when having a baby, after registering the birth 😉

  5. Thomas Arbs says:

    Why yes, making the kids twitter is only logical… a couple of years ago, I gave mine blogs. ( and, in German.) Now I blog in their name, and I fully agree – it is cool to look things up like "hey, Christian is potty-safe now, how old was Lisa when she was?"…

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