Cycling commute: Part 3


Well, it’s been a while I’ve been cycling now, a few weeks, and it’s going well.

I’m losing weight, which is a start. I’ll hit you with some amazing figures on that when it becomes more dramatic but honestly, I am losing weight. My time into work and on the journey home is reducing every time it seems. What was taking me about an hour is now always under 50 minutes, as evidenced by the pretty graph for my RIDEWORK data. There’s more info on but somehow, because it only shows a graph and not figures for each point, it doesn’t seem to me to convey the exciting drama of it all.

My life has also been made a lot easier by a great pannier bag, an Agu Yamaska 475. My back is now free!


It has bits that flap down the side to create side bags, like this…


And if that wasn’t enough, it concertinas upwards as well, and has a shoulder strap so I can use it as a work bag when I’m not cycling.

I’m seeing a lot of herons, and friendly people on the towpaths, not that they go hand in hand. In fact I nearly hit a heron on the path the other day, as they don’t move away until the last minute, they’re pretty well camouflaged standing stock still like that and my pedal wasn’t far off catching it. I also find it interesting how the towpath is populated more by cyclists and joggers and people taking dogs for a walk, the kind of people you feel inclined to say hello to you as you pass, whereas the Metro line foot and cycle path is littered with early morning drinkers and the odd hypo needle.

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