Posterous styling, yay! And the big switchover.

I have finally bitten the bullet and I think made the decision to do all my blogging via Posterous now. Two reasons:

  1. Posterous allows you to port in another blog, which I've done with my Blogger site. The only downside is that those posts are then not searchable on Posterous. It's a slight shame given that I've been using that blogger account for a couple of years and might want to find old posts without having to go through multiple pages in Posterous.??
  2. You can style Posterous now, and it's lovely. Far easier and more usable than in It feels less like you've inconvenienced them by wanting to create your own template and they've actually made a very nice interface to carry it out, preview, etc. I'v just tweaked one of the first 5 existing templates for now, but I am guessing I might add a background tile, for example…
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