Oops upside Derren Brown’s head

Apart from predicting the lottery numbers tonight, I haven’t really kept an eye on what Derren Brown’s new show is all about.

But this morning I was quite struck by the cover of the Metro, which was on of those double advertising covers they often have. It featured this photo:

At first glance it’s Derren Brown, then there’s something very odd going on, and finally you figure out they’ve put the eyes and mouth on upside down. Very simple, but very well Photoshopped. It’s also a pretty good advert for the whole Derren Brown brand, the fact it’s based around this one person, who is doing some odd, baffling things but at the end of the day, it’s all an illusion. Anyway as an advert it worked because the time I’d usually spend walking for a couple of minutes flicking through to the first few pages of the paper, I just spent looking at that picture.


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