Cycling commute update

First, I apologise for my enthusiasm for my new cycle commute when thousands, maybe millions of people do this every day. It's a little like being a parent for the first time, you swear you must be the first person to have ever done this and that everyone should hear about it.

BUT I am excited because I cut my 1hr 40 ride down to 55 minutes. Not bad. It helps I now need the way and don't need to stop to consult maps or the satnav. There will be some pretty interesting graphs of how I manage to reduce that time on – well, again, I'll find them interesting. I might also try and map that against weight loss, if that's a result.

I am still only for now doing one of the journeys each day, either there or back. And there are some aches I need to deal with, and a shopping list:

  • better saddle
  • portable puncture repair kit
  • lights
  • portable multi tool
  • spare inner tube
  • better jacket against wind / cold
  • panier rack and bag/panier of some kind (sick of the rucksack on my back)

Otherwise, it's been great, and didn't realise how much I liked it until I got on a sweaty crowded metro the other day.

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