Possessed iPod?

I was walking home the other day and as is often the case thought I’d listen to a new episode of The Archers on my iPod. I selected it and hit play, and heard nothing. I looked at the display and was somewhat confused:


No sound, the progress bar wasn’t moving, and this appeared to be a podcast 0 seconds long. Was this something to do with a very digruntled employee at the BBC playing around with the podcast settings, or an actual message from above? I went back, opened my menu and the podcast again and it played fine. Weird.

Sadly, I don’t  think this is a case for the Vatican or the X Files. When I got home I googled the phrase ‘jesus says go’ and found references to a Dillard Chandler track called Jesus Says Go… which is on my iPod. Somehow the details of that track got scrambled up with the podcast or something. Case closed.

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