Mp3 downloads in music shops/kiosks?

I have been wondering this for a while, but is there a reason that physical shops like HMV don't offer downloads in shops, using a kiosk? Airports, train stations, etc would surely be prime locations for this.
The scenario being that you are about go on a long journey, see a poster for a new album somewhere or just want some new music on your iPod and want a way of 'getting' it in the few minutes before your train/plane leaves. You

  1. go to the kiosk (it could even be as simple and accessible as a phone box in the street),
  2. slot your iPod into the dock,
  3. use the touchscreen to choose music on itunes,
  4. enter bank card and
  5. start payment and subsequent download.

Are there copyright / sales issues meaning this couldn't happen? I am sure it's something that's been at least considered…

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