A couple of days in Poet Laval

I'm sure I might need to come back and edit this once I'm back at 'proper internet and computers', but we've just come back to Allex from a couple of days at Poet Laval, whilst on holiday. We still have another week in France before coming home.??Poet Laval was a??holiday holiday if you like. Poet Laval (hmm, not sure on the spelling there) is a village nestled (if ever a village nestled, then this does) in the Provencale countryside, with a castle fort, plenty of history, not too many tourists and just enough to do around the village in a couple of days.
Points of note:
  • we saw lots of people walking very small dogs and a young toristy couple with rucksacks, etc and a ferret on a lead each. As you do. Pictures on Flickr to follow.
  • we went to a very interesting museum of typography and printing, again, pics to follow. That was in Grignan (links also to follow)
  • We ate well, including a great and very thin pizza.
  • we visited a couple of castles. One was very big, one not so.
  • we didn't go to see my cousin's world record-breaking largest nativity scene in the world, (it's basically a model provencale village with a crib) as I'd seen it before and had better things to do. Sorry.
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