A missive from France

So, I'm on holiday in Allex, France with the family, Joseph's first abroad. He didn't mind the plane too much, apart from being strapped in and not being allowed to crawl around.
It's darn hot, around 30-33 degrees every day with only light, warm breezes. The outside pool is around 27, much better now my parents have an overnight cover for it.
And importantly, I'm not missing the web too much (says he, posting to posterous). Which is for the best given this PC is running Windows 95 and IE 5.5. Which incidentally, for anyone interested, runs:
Twitter – acceptable for use but with cocked up layout
Gmail – perfectly, loads quite fast, looks slightly different but is still undeniably Gmail
Hotmail – a joke, had to use the mobile phone version link.
So the lesson learnt, use Gmail, not Hotmail (as if we needed telling).
Many photos will be on my Flickr account on my return….
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