Cheap fisheye

A friend recently asked about what I described as a ‘cheap fisheye’ lens that I’d used for some photos.

I don’t think he would have realised quite how cheap as this was just a door peephole viewer from – £1.50 including postage. Bargain.


Some tips on it’s use.

  1. First of all rather than making any housing for it or anything, just try holding it over the front of your lens. Does that do it?
  2. Now try zooming right in, that might help, it will remove all the ‘through a tunnel’ effect of blackness you get round the edges.
  3. Some people have reported switching to macro lens settings helps with focus – I personally like the way the focus blurs round the edges of some of my pics. 
  4. Get properly up close to subjects for maximum effects.
  5. Experiment with or without flash – you might find with the flash on, holding the lens over your camera, that your hands get in the way of the flash a bit.
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