Mobile web browsing, feature phone style

With all this talk of iPhones, and other smart phones appearing that
are capable of viewing web sites full size and all in their glory (and
with a data package, free), we might remember the lowly feature phone,
still being rocked by many people. Like me. Ever since I got it I’ve
been using the Opera browser on my Sony Ericsson K750i to check gmail,
twitter, delicious tags, work email, etc., but with one important
difference to how many people might be using it. I turned off the

 My web browsing on my phone is charged by the amount of data
downloaded / transferred, not the time I’m online. So I can download a
page and take an hour to read it and it doesn’t matter. However, that
does mean that a trip to Flickr or anywhere with lots of images (and
yes that includes dirty, dirty spacer gifs, etc) will cost me. So, I
just turned off the images in the Opera browser’s settings. Yes, it’s
there in the preferences but I’m guessing they don’t advertise it too
much as it’s saving customers money. Oh I forgot to mention, this is a
TMobile Flext account.

 Anyway, in my eyes, for those text based services I want, like
Twitter, it’s no worse than anything others phones might offer. Mind
you, it does assume people know how to layout pages for mobiles
properly, so that when images are missing it still at least makes

 Finally, another trick of mine, with my bookmarks – when
bookmarking, if a page is largely text (small download on my phone)
and something i might want to read later on I give it a tag of
‘readme’. Then in my phone I have a page bookmarked which is the
search of all my pages tagged ‘Readme’ so I have mobile phone reading
at my fingertips, without any tedious url or text box entry, Yay!

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