Torchwood in my ears


You’d have been a fool and a hermit to have missed the episodes of Torchwood this week. They’ve been trailered and tweeted all over the place, and on watching, have lived up to the hype. Maybe a little less camp than usual, and slightly edgier, more epic. Quite understated too, without relying on too many over the top effects, relying instead on the human story and dilemmas behind the situations that arise. It’s been interesting to hear people who have never commented on Torchwood before suddenly discovering it. Of course, I was into it from the very start, ahem.

Anyway regardless of this a few days ago I stumbled across some Torchwood radio plays. I’m not sure if / when they were broadcast on the radio, but you can download these as podcasts. I listened to one on the way home from work yesterday and it was great – a proper full length (45 mins) story with the same cast, although in many instances sounding oddly different. Maybe the actors were just taking some adjustment to the radio format…? It’s interesting to see how the format and scenes are set, with slightly broader strokes in dialogue filling in where visuals are lacking. e.g. reference to running back to the ‘SUV’ not ‘the car’. It’s very well done though, although it feels like it may be aimed at a slightly younger audience than the current 5-parter on TV. I’d be interested in hearing what people thought of these podcasts compared to the TV shows.

There was also a radio play they did to tie into the Large Hadron Collider day they did on Radio 4 but I can’t find that now…

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