Photoshop ’tilt shift’ fake miniature photography tutorial

Wow that’s a mouthful isn’t it? basically, I have been playing around with the effect beautifully illustrated here and tutorialised amongst other places here.

One of my recent efforts is shown below.


One thing I wanted to add to the basic technique for this is a little extra that will make details like brickwork (in this pic) or grass look stippled, as if painted with a fine brush. It’s really very simple.

Before doing anything to the picture, just apply a Filters>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen filter.

Play with the effects settings there but you’ll want to keep the second setting to around 1 pixel. In the live Preview in your image you should just be seeing the soft blur coming off your image, so it looks more like tiny painted models. Then continue with the rest of the process as usual (see link above).

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