Joseph, 3 months on

Well, the first 3 months of Joseph have been lots of fun, as the following video will testify:

and we have his baptism coming up on Sunday, which is also very exciting, with plenty of people travelling in to prod at him and say how much he’s grown (He has grown a lot). He now looks around and notices people a lot more, turning towards us. He sits bolt upright to watch television if you put him on your lap (with a bit of underarm support). He grabs anything and everything and puts it in his mouth, which I’m sure we’ll have to watch out for if he’s still doing it when he starts crawling. He smiles a lot, gurgles and likes playing with his toys as much as he can… in short, two thumbs up, all good so far.

Ah and yes by Christmas he was already being reported on the internet site of the local paper, the Express and Star. He played Jesus in the nativity, or at least was awake and looked cute in Claire’s arms at the end.

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