Them (Ils) and The Strangers

Last week I saw French house invasion horror (is that a new genre then) film, Them. I’d heard it was good, creepy, etc. It basically lived up the the hype and being only an hour and a quarter long delivered the requisite jumps and creepiness in a relatively short time too.

Then on Friday, I was looking for something to see at the cinema and went for The Strangers. I was aware it was a similar kind of film, but maybe didn’t realise quite how similar. Whilst a lot of European and Japanese / Korean / Chinese films are being remade for Hollywood, I’d rather they were a little more up front about it – in none of the reviews or trailers did it say the film was an exact remake. And yet the plot – home invasion in the country, late 20s / early 30s couple scared out of their wits by young home invaders – is pretty much identical.

Although I doubt if the Metro’s film reviewer actually saw the film at all.

1. They didn’t go on a ‘romantic mini-break’, they were on their way back from a wedding they’d been to.
2. They DID have mobile reception, the problem was that her phone was out of charge.
3. It wasn’t really that explicitly shown that the baddies were younger.
4. Their argument wasn’t necessarily ‘should we get engaged? Is it too early?’ as described in the review, we never found out exactly why she said no, or even if she exactly said no, and I don’t remember that dialogue.
5. The review is basically dismissive, but I’m not sure if they’ve a right to be if they haven’t actually watched the film…

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