Rock Band rawks!

In case you hadn’t seen anything in the media about it, Rock Band is the latest game from the people who bought us Guitar Hero. The main extensions is you now get an electronic drum kit to hook up, and a microphone, so all the people who played Singstar or Guitar Hero and said, ‘wouldn’t it be really cool if you could play all the instruments and sing too’, well this is it. And whilst it is very cool, it’s a bit odd. I used to play drums myself but haven’t sat at a kit for about ten years now, so it’s the next best thing I’ll manage until I live in the country and don’t have neighbours to upset. This is me sitting at the kit at a friend’s house:


Do I look like I’m about to rock? Well, I am. Here’s the drum seat view!


It’s fun and everything but altogether requires quite a lot of concentration, watching the screen as well, so possibly not as ‘fun’ or entertaining as being in a real band… And at ??150 ish a pop, not something I’ll be investing in.

The final word though has to be on the songs, some great stuff, from Pixies, REM, Faith No More, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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