ATP, GTA IV… and oh yeah, a baby.

It’s been a week since I came back from All Tomorrow’s Parties, as curated by Explosions in the Sky. Ironically, EITS were quite average but they have a very good taste in music – most of the bands they chose for the festival outclassed them somewhat. Dinosaur Jr were as great as ever, and we did tend to see Mr Mascis around the camp site quite a bit over the weekend, as evidenced here:


That’s me in the foreground, with Mascis walking by the window, for the second morning running.

HGe looks altogether a bit more the ‘rock’ part when on stage though…


It was also a chance for us to see the reformed Polvo, who Andrew and I last saw supporting Babes in Toyland way back in ’93 or thereabouts. Pretty much the first proper band I saw with friends. Of course, they could never live up to that expectation but they were very good.


Other highlights: Mono, Broken Social Scene, De La Soul, and of course, Battles (despite the queueing fiasco on the second night). We also thoroughly enjoyed watching Back to the Future in the cinema and the piles of junk food consumed.

I recently succombed to the GTA IV craze sweeping the nation, and for reasons I’ll come to, bought a XBOX 360 to play it on. Needless to say it’s an amazing game, and also works very well online. I could go into great length reviewing it but others have done a better job over the last few weeks. I was able to justify the purchase as it’s possibly the last ‘toy’ I will be allowing myself for a while given that…

I am going to be a dad! In October. Very, very exciting. So if I can just get GTA out of my system before then, I’ll be fine.

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