How to buy and sell a car

We decided we wanted to buy a new car. We thought that given all the advertising and blarney they give us about being the best car supermarket in the country, that Carcraft would be worth a look. Also, as they’re just round the corner. Three hours later we had bought a Ford Focus using one of their Web Certificates. BIG TIP: If you’re going to Carcraft, look at the cars online first, find a few you’d like to see, print the car spec but also make sure you specifically print the online offered price and Web Certificate so you can use that price when visiting the showroom. The car we saw from the web wasn’t properly on the forecourt when we got there but they did have iot about to be ‘prepared’ for sale, so we ended up getting it at the web price, nearly 2 grand cheaper than it would have been had it been on the forecourt. We saved money. We’re happy.

What we weren’t so happy with was being offered just ??100 for our P reg Ford Fiesta. We said no thanks, went home, stuck it on Ebay with a Buy It Now price and sold it for ??350 in about an hour. Thank you ebay! To be fair we might have got a bit more for it but we were after a quick sale.

We haven’t picked up the new car yet, and Carcraft are being a bit rubbish about not answering their phone ALL DAY but otherwise, we made a pretty good job of car buying all round.

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