BBC News Site. Even worse than new homepage?

I recently whinged that the new BBC homepage has been redesigned badly, and completely inconsistently to the rest of the old site. Well the good news is that the BBC News site now partly follows the design of the home page. The bad news – it only does so by being equally badly designed.

There are TWO massive header bars for no reason, when one would do. Sport news is hard to find – not that it bothers me of course. Text and spacing is larger than necessary, meaning less information is conveyed in the same space. In 800 by 600 pixel view (small screens), very little info is available at all, it’s all whitespace and ‘design’. There is no navigation to other parts of the BBC. The main navigation on the left is presented in a wide array of nonsensical colours, styles, background colours and heading types, and there’s too much to choose from. And parts of the design are broken in Firefox.

Oh well.

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