Easter holiday… and relax

I’ve been off work since Thursday and it’s great. Mostly lots of banjo playing and Wii, but that’s what time off is for eh? And not back until Tuesday – hooray!

Speaking of Wii, I got Medal of Honour Heroes 2 the other day and it’s quite impressive. Having played Call of Duty when that came out as one of the first first person shooters on the Wii, and that game being particularly average, MoH is better executed. Same simple FPS style of play, but the aiming, shooting, etc is much better. You can properly aim around objects accurately, even tilting the nunchuk controller to peer around objects. And if the normal Campaign style game isn’t enough, there’s an additional ‘on rails’ Arcade game and very smooth online play too (up to 32 player games). Anyway, it’s nice to see developers getting it right with this kind of game after a few tries…

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