BBC site… WHAT??!!

It’s very rare I write about the web in any depth here, but the BBC’s latest move is so baffling and ill conceived, I guess I feel the urge.

Part of me still thinks it might be some early April Fool’s joke on web designers, or that the rest of the site will be rolled out in this way… but for now it would seem the BBC are rocking a spanking new homepage that is completely different to the rest of the site.

The new homepage makes a cynical attempt to be hip, with lovely web 2.0 gradient colours and draggable content (wow!) but fails to see that it’s not as dynamic as it could be because it’s the same BBC content i.e. sites like alloww you to pool all kinds of information in one homepage. The only difference with the new BBC home page – it is delivered in a way that makes worse use of the space (with my browser at 800 by 600, I see just a few words and an unecessarily enormous image of an iguana. Great). It doesn’t admittedly make finding tonight’s TV or radio shows a slightly quicker process.

The main problem is one of disorientation and fragmentation. Clicking from the home page to any other content now feels like going to a completely different site e.g. from a centred web site to a left justified one.

In fact as I continue looking at this, it’s apparent there are lots of different styles and versions of sites across BBC’s content, so maybe what they just need is a thorough style guide.

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