Hell’s Kitchen. Marco Pierre White officially rubbish.

We accidentally saw some of Hell’s Kitchen on Channel 4 last night, with the current series featuring Marco Pierre White, instead of Gordon Ramsay. He admitted he hadn’t run a kitchen for seven years, so that’s off to a good start. So what are we expecting? Shouting at the staff? Tantrums? Tears before bedtime?

To start off, he is far, far too nice to the celebrities taking part for this to be entertaining. Where Ramsay would have bawled, sworn and humiliated, he praised, encouraged and basically let them get away with doing very little whilethe professional helpers did most of the cooking.

HOWEVER, where he was really hard was on the customers in the restaurant (invited celebs). Whilst this was fine to chuck out the idiotic Jay Kay and his wife for making a back-handed comment about White’s wife, he was far too harsh on the customer who proibably rightly complained about the scollops being cold and bland. In any other restaurant, if someone had comment or complaint about the food, and presented their grievance as honourably as the man did, they would have at leat been granted a decent conversation, if not had the dish replaced or been able to pick something else. Not only did White entirely ignore the complaint, not even tasting it himself or considering that any of the food could be bad, but gave the custo,mer the ultimatum of apologising or leaving. very rarely does anything on TV anger me, but this did.

I am ashamed to say I probably fell in to the trap of having an opinion on the show and may even watch more now…. gah.

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