Green Man Festival 2007

We went to Green Man Festival last weekend, in Brecon. It was very lovely, with just a few thousand people on a very spacious site but nice short walking distances between bands. Almost more of a village fete feel. Some great bands too, as evidenced in my cruddy little Youtube video:

Real standouts were Joanna Newsom, Alasdair Roberts, Seasick Steve and Battles. Quite interesting that a lot of the music has a (freak) folk feel to it, but also a lot of straight-up folk bands too. Robert Plant was playing but I had to give that a miss in favour of Battles I’m afraid.


It was pretty muddy, raining on and off the whole time. Food was good festival fare, including Moroccan, pies, soups, noodles, pancakes, French. There were a few too many hippy tents and stalls for my looking, including the alarmingly titled Radical Midwives tent – surely the last thing you’d want if you’re about to give birth is to be lying in mud in a dirty tent surrounded by militant hippies.

Oh and we got to spend time with Katy and Kristian – which is nice as it was Katy’s 30th.


Oh and one minor celebrity spot – Jerome Flynn:

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