Facebook, worth even telling anyone about now…?

It seems over the last couple of weeks, Facebook.com has gone astronomical. Or at least as far as I’m concerned anyway, since I cracked and joined up about a week ago. It’s been all over the papers and media, almost to the same level as ‘blogging’ and ‘youtube’ coverage over the last few years. Good on em I suppose, if they can reel us all in with a social networking site which is actually a pretty basic idea when you look at it.

None the less I am there now. So, like drop in and say hello I guess. So what I have got out of the experience over the last couple of weeks? Well, got in touch with a few people I don’t speak to much(for no particular reason), and probably don’t have email addresses for. And even some who I haven’t seen in years and it’s nice to be able to say hi to again. I think the success of the site is based on the fact that you can create quite casual relationships, and find ways of saying a quick hi to people without feeling too stalkery – if that makes sense!

Anyway, try it. You might like it.

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