I can’t hold this back any longer…

…and I have been trying for years, but here it is:

I hate Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

Normally, the words ‘Mel and Sue’ above there, I would make a hyperlink to some kind of illustrative web page about them, but I actually feel so strongly that I don’t think they should be getting any more exposure (I would usually have stuck a photo up too but really, it’s too cruel to kill your eyes with their smug ‘how do we ever get away with such a popular comedy act based on being ironically shit’ grins). Part of the problem after all, is their recent over-exposure, ever since once of them was on Celebrity Big Brother. Now they’re everywhere, in equal measure generously sprinkled across the BBC’s various offerings. This can be a problem – most of the time their smackable mugs turn up on the kind of pap you’d usually avoid anyway, such as the Comic Relief singing thingy, but they also appear on (and spoil) quality comedy shows such as Just a Minute.

Does anyone understand what the act actually is? It’s not based around jokes, not funnier when you put them together (they used to be a double act but now aren’t)… it seems to be centred around some idea of them being ‘everyman’, fluffy charming types, occasionally pulling faces and vague stabs at wit, appealing to the pity in their audiences.

Please, if anyone out there knows a way to make this all stop, respond now.

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